Silly Poems

Baseball Season

World Series, autumn leaves, winter shows its face,

Cold and frost and snow take old autumn’s place.

Once the cold has passed, birds begin to sing,

Baseball season commences. Suddenly it’s spring.



I saved up all my money

And paid the boss to work.

The harder I worked and slaved,

The more money he took.

The grocery store had an offer

We will pay you instead

For all the groceries that you choose

Including meat, milk, eggs and bread.

The travel agent called and asked:

Where would you like to fly?

They paid me to fly to Germany

With a bonus to fly in July.

With all little more excess money

I could afford to be a physician

So I borrowed from my nephew

Who paid more to be a musician.

The country needed more people

And the government encouraged each parent

More money for every child

The landlord paid the rent.

The barber cut my hair

And paid me double time

The cheapskate trimmed my beard

And tipped me one thin dime.

My gas tank was on empty

The attendant a man of rank

I gave him the airmiles

He paid me to fill the tank.

Sick, I went to the hospital

They paid me well to stay

I worked to stay there longer

But health made me go away.