TJ Cullin

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Short Stories

Chocolate: A Poem for Cocoa Nuts

Oh how I like chocolate, let me count the ways.

I like to munch on chocolate and I eat it every day.

There’s Snickers, Kit Kat, Rolo, Aero, Crispy Crunch,

Some eat these for breakfast, I snack on them for lunch.

At breakfast I drink coffee and prefer a darker roast,

A Reese’s peanut butter cup atop my buttered toast.

And to go with my cereal, I like to eat it dry

I sprinkle squares of Caramilk, which helps me to get by.

Black coffee’s flavour is enhanced with Dairy Milk mixed in.

I stir it with a Twix, the chocolate that’s twins.

Milky Way and Mars bars don’t come from outer space.

Baby Ruth originated in the United States.

When we think of chocolate coming from afar,

I need not strain my eyesight, I devour a Wunderbar.

When middle afternoon arrives, time for a cup of tea,

Coffee Crisp makes a nice light snack; Turtles come in threes.

M&M’s and Smarties are not exactly the same,

But both treats come in handy for a friendly poker game.

When I’m at the baseball game, O Henry is terrific,

As was the man who hit home runs, retired but so prolific.

And if the taste of hot dogs remains and tends to linger

Go straight to the snack bar and order a Butterfinger.

When guests come by for dinner, forget champagne and cheer,

We kick off the celebration sharing Three Musketeers.

When evening twilight approaches, we go strolling in the park

With a pocket full of chocolate; white, milk and extra dark.

After Eight, it’s dark when evening turns to night

For my bedtime snack I chew a Turkish Delight.

It’s time to sleep, I drift off to a dreamy chocolate land

Full or almonds, nougat, raisins and lovely marzipan.

A bounty bar sits beside my bed in case I should wake up,

The wrapper comes off easily for a fix of coconut.

‘Round goes the cycle and I think, ‘Oh, boy!’

It’s time to jump for an Almond Joy.

The only advice I offer is to go out and explore

All the chocolate you can find; don’t forget Eat More.

If you can’t find Crunchie, Big Turk make no mistake

There’s Hershey, Lindor, Milka, Mounds, Nestle Crunch and Flake.

If trouble and misfortune befall you finding chocolate of your own

Don’t be downhearted, there’s always Toblerone.